Condewit now is an award winning music group!!!!!!!!!!!
You can find that at the following link:

As a result, I will be posting the article featuring the interviewing of Condewit, and Condy can now be heard on the following radio stations (feel free to call in and request :"Playas...")......

Radio Stations:

KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA 

KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia 

KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA 

WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom 

WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA

Where to purchase:
"Playas..." and the album "Ambigewity" are both available for sale, and can be found links for AmazonMP3/iTunes, and other digital stores here at




And many more!!

From us here in Condewit, we thank our fans from thew bottom of our hearts who have been there since day 1, been there for all the struggles and adventures!
More are on the way, more news is coming, but we are all so humbled to have heard this news right before Christmas, it was like a present in itself.

Stay tuned kids!

I need your Help!!!!!

Hey, this is Matthew the producer of the group: Condewit, and founder of Condewit Productions.

A lot has happened over these past few years, and needless to say: running, managing, and giving everything into this project, has exhausted my personal funds, and had so many instruments, equipment, everything valuable and expensive stolen from me, and really run me down and out of any chance of trying to save money for any future occasion (on top of having to sacrifice so much to keep up with the invitations and recognition this project has gotten recently).

With that being said, I'm asking any and everyone who honestly is a fan of my music, to please help me by donating towards funding my classical album, since I have run out of funds to finish recording what's left of it.

Donations are taken in the form of:
-Musical instrument(s) donations (cause everyone knows how much it sucks getting a really expensive/unique brand guitar stolen from you)




-or simply purchasing my other EP "Ambigewity," on any of the digital music stores available (which is basically all of them: iTunes, spotify, etc).

I'm a creator, who believes my art is truly taken on a life of it's own with everyone that's ever come in the contact of it, and by finishing this classical album will bring nothing but more exciting opportunities and another potential album to give to you, the fans.
And being a creator, I like to spend as much time in the recording studio as I can.

If you haven't visited already, you know that some of the classical album is already featured on the sound cloud profile (, to give you an idea of the diversity of the tracks being produced for that thus far.

Thanks so much again for all your love and support for me over these past few years, seriously this has been one hell of a ride w/ the Devil and back, but I'm going to be performing until the day that I'm dead and buried. That's a guarantee/promise/swear to God truth, and I hope you will like the finished project, and general new direction the group and music are going (the new classical album isn't just classical spanish style guitar playing with nylon acoustic guitars, the dives into electronica tracks with a rhythmic pulse driven by synthesizers, as well as rap tracks with guest MC's). 

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
-Matthew "Condy" Ortega

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Condewit,.com

Messages will be answered within 48 hours upon receiving them, thank you.

Blog Of A Condewit

Get Condewit's debit EP: "Ambigewity," out now!
Available on:
Most links can be found on the home page of
New classical album coming soon.............
("Neonecropopulace: Welcome To This NeoTokyo.")
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