1. Late Bloomer
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Hey late bloomer, I meant to tell you sooner: they said you were a loser, and that you'd have no future.
But don't believe the rumors, they'll just give you tumors.
And what do they know anyway?
Hey late bloomer, are they right or are they incorrect? Did the A.D.H.D. meds. come with side effects?
Because in the end they're handing you scholarships.
And you're gonna go far kid!
Hey Late Bloomer...

It's something you've known since you were four.
As it turns out, this world is yours.
It's shaken you to your very core.
-And I don't want to work, the grave shift anymore. (repeats)

Hey late bloomer, you don't even need a tuner: you're more of a do-er, not so much a boozer.
This makes up for all the delays, back in the school days.
My parents were right all along.
Hey late bloomer, on your little tykes table, knowing that one day you'll be more than capable, more than able to produce for a label.
There's nowhere left to go but up!


Woah! Hey late bloomer!
Woah! Hey late bloomer!
Woah! Hey late bloomer!
Hey Late bloomer!

And I don't want to work the goddamn grave shift anymore!