Condewit WON!!!!!! An Akademia Music AWARD!!!! Best Rock/Electronica Track!!!!! 

Condewit now is an award winning music group!!!!!!!!!!!

You can find that at the following link:

As a result, I will be posting the article featuring the interviewing of Condewit, and Condy can now be heard on the following radio stations (feel free to call in and request :"Playas...")......

Radio Stations:

KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA 

KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia 

KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA 

WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom 

WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA

Where to purchase:
"Playas..." and the album "Ambigewity" are both available for sale, and can be found links for AmazonMP3/iTunes, and other digital stores here at




And many more!!

From us here in Condewit, we thank our fans from thew bottom of our hearts who have been there since day 1, been there for all the struggles and adventures!
More are on the way, more news is coming, but we are all so humbled to have heard this news right before Christmas, it was like a present in itself.

Stay tuned kids!